IV Stone’s members may be young, but it’s not your typical 20-something garage band, with setlists that include songs from Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and Black Eyed Peas.


This Saturday, IV Stone (pronounced “ivy” stone) plays the Dogtooth Bar & Grill in Wildwood. It’s not the first time they’ve played the venue, and judging from their aspirations, it won’t be the last.

“Our goal is to be as successful as possible,” IV Stone frontman Eddie Kurek says. “We want to go as far as we can.”

It’s not the most unique goal for a band — or any working human for that matter — but a critical one nonetheless.

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IV Stone is a young band, with members between 20 and 22 years of age, which gives it a slight leg up on some of the older bands that may be clinging to unrealistic dreams of stardom.

“The guys are striving for a really secure future,” says Ed Kurek III, Eddie’s dad and the band’s manager.

With that in mind, IV Stone is not your typical 20-something garage band. The band’s members are as committed to how they go about doing things as they are to what they are doing.

“Our business structure is very altruistic,” Kurek III says. “The band has to be one for all and all for one, and that shows through in their live performances. They’re having a ton of fun onstage.”

The band’s set lists include a lot of classic rock from bands such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Guns & Roses, Tom Petty and Metallica, but IV Stone isn’t afraid to switch it up with some Black Keys or Black Eyed Peas — more pop rock-type stuff — to get people up and dancing.

“No matter where we’re playing, we try to captivate our audience,” Kurek IV says. “We try to be entertainers as much as musicians.”

Their stage presence appears to be a big part of that. Although the guys are young, their presence on stage is well-defined, energetic and confident.

“After four-and-a-half years of playing two gigs a week and practicing two to three times a week, they perform like they are much older,” Kurek III says. “These guys are willing to learn and listen.”

“We try to pull them in and have them be part of the show,” Kurek IV says of the audience. “It can turn into a big collective thing where dancing happens organically.”

In addition to covers that span from “Sweet Caroline” and “Uptown Funk” to “Black” and “Sweet Emotion,” IV Stone performs a handful of originals at each show.

“Eventually we’d like to switch over to an all original show,” Kurek IV says.

IV Stone has plans to release originals in early 2017. In the meantime, they seem to be enjoying the ride.

“I love the idea of being in a band with my best friends and my dad as manager,” Kurek IV says.


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