Dead Dog Saloon

Nicki Sbaffoni performs at Dead Dog Saloon in in Sea Isle City, Saturday, July 21, 2012.

Sean M. Fitzgerald

Sea Isle City’s The Dead Dog Saloon “is not your average shore bar,” says manager Scott Grossman. “It’s like nothing else in the area.”

At the center of the action in Sea Isle City, sandwiched between The Ocean Drive and Shenanigans (same owner as The Dead Dog), the saloon offers the yin to Sea Isle’s typical nightlife yang.

It’s more intimate and homey than the other bars, with antique decor, couches on its second floor and daily live acoustic entertainment rather than blaring music. That last part makes it pleasantly possible to hold a conversation.

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On the first and main floor of The Dead Dog Saloon are a large, central bar, a stage, and tables around its perimeter. There’s also a small area for dancing by the stage. The second level is a mezzanine overlooking the bar and stage.

Starting at 9 p.m. there’s a dress code for men — no baseball caps, printed T-shirts or sleeveless shirts — meant to deter misbehavior and bring in a “different crowd,” Grossman says, aka: keep out belligerent people looking to rage.

Despite the dress code, a good mix of people of all ages come to The Dead Dog Saloon each summer to have a good time.

“We have a lot of regular customers,” Grossman says. “It’s a Cheers-like atmosphere.”

Day Drinking:

The Dead Dog Saloon is a great place to watch a sports game on its 82-inch TV — one of four TVs — or to a enjoy a few drinks and lite fare with friends.

The food menu has typical tavern food such as chicken tenders, nachos and coconut shrimp, (A tip from Grossman: the wings are amazing,) and the drinks are cheapest during the day.

Coors Light mugs are $1,50, pints are $2.50, and all other draft-beer pints are $5. The draft line continually changes to include seasonal ales and crafts. Wine, (by the bottle or glass) and cocktails are also available. (Another tip from Grossman: order a Turbo, the Dead Dog’s specialty drink, which is a variation on a 007.)

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