Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton performs his hilarious stand-up comedy act at Revel Casino Hotel’s The Social 9 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27. Tickets are $20.                                            

You may not recognize Ryan Hamilton’s name just yet, but if the budding comedian has anything to say about it, that’s all about to change.

“I always told myself as long as my career is getting better every year, I’d stick with it,” Hamilton says.

Taking into regard several of his recent accomplishments, he won’t be closing up shop anytime soon.

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Hamilton, who performs at Revel Casino Hotel on Thursday, Feb. 27, has been blazing a trail through the comedy scene, with recent appearances on “Last Comic Standing” and “Conan.” Additionally, he’s been seen on both Showtime and Comedy Central, and appears regularly at New York’s famed Comedy Cellar. But despite all of the recent accolades, the budding comic is maintaining a relatively cautious attitude.

“Comedy isn’t like it used to be,” he says, referring to the plethora of platforms for delivery such as Youtube and Facebook. “There’s so many different avenues now. Sometimes I think I’m still looking for my ‘big thing.’”

For raw material, Hamilton goes straight to the source, with much of his act devoted to his personal life. Specifically, he references the disparities between growing up in rural Idaho and living as an adult in New York City.

“I try to talk about the instances in my life that have emotion to them,” Hamilton says. “It’s kind of like a peak into a person’s life, a little bit.”

As for stylistic inspiration, Steve Martin, David Letterman and Bill Cosby are all formative influences. Perhaps the most glaring element the three share is their decidedly non-filthy approach to comedy. Hamilton carries this torch, avoiding blue material outright.

“I work clean,” he says. “But it’s not really a marketing decision. It’s just naturally who I am.”

With an act that bares more in common with Jerry Seinfeld than Katt Williams, Hamilton prides himself on the fact that many members of his audience don’t even realize the lack of potty words and sexual innuendos until afterwards.

“It kinda blows their mind that they enjoyed a clean show. I love hearing that — it means it’s just funny.”

Coming up: Hamilton performs at Revel Casino Hotel’s The Social 9 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27. Tickets are $20.

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