Spotlight: Kristen and the Noise

Kristen Kwolek is a seasoned veteran of the Northeast's cover band scene, but the frontwoman of Kristen and The Noise still gets a thrill from finding new fans.

"It's always exciting to be in new places and meet new people and hope that we are building our following, even now," says Kwolek, of Philadelphia.

A loyal following is indeed what the five-member group has. Eleven years since first forming, it's one of the rare bands that people make a special trip to go see somewhere they wouldn't have otherwise been visiting.

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At the same time, they love wowing different audiences, as they likely will at their upcoming premiere at Windrift Hotel in Avalon.

"We get inspired all over again," Kwolek says.

One question Kwolek says she has gotten a lot over the years is what type of music they prefer to play, but she says they have no favorite genre or style.

She enjoys an Adele song because she really gets to show off her vocal abilities, she loves Rage Against The Machine because she can let out some aggression, and Michael Jackson always gets people dancing and having fun.

"We like the diversity," she says. "We like that we're doing a Rage song and an Adele song in the same night."

Being in a band isn't always easy, because a lot goes into traveling, preparing and everything else needed to run what's essentially a business. At the same time, she says they have no plans of doing anything different any time soon.

"We'd never choose anything over this," Kwolek says.

The band: Kristen Kwolek, lead vocals; Mike Myers, keys and guitar; Pete Ahern, bass and vocals; Zhach Kelsch, drums; Steve Pereira, guitar.

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See them live:

Friday, July 5: Bally's Bikini Beach Bar

Saturday, July 6: Windrift Hotel, Avalon

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28: Gypsy Bar, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

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