As far as nightlife is concerned, the options at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa are vast. You can grab a drink just about anywhere, from the sprawling casino floor bars to fancy-pants restaurants and all points in between. Considering its location in one of the busiest corners of the casino, Long Bar somehow seems to hide in plain sight. Perhaps it is overshadowed by the loud music and flashiness of Gypsy Bar or the chic Asian cool of Izakaya, but whatever the reason, this spot has managed to fly under the radar for a while now.

And that is just fine with me.

There is something great about a bar that you can grab a seat at and actually have a conversation with whomever you have brought along on your night out. Like much of Borgata, Long Bar has a vaguely young, modern vibe to it, but still maintains a touch of coziness. And though it may not be the shoulder-to-shoulder “excuse me” fest that Gypsy Bar is, the space still boasts a moderate crowd — just enough to make you feel at ease.

long bar 2

I grabbed a seat at the (admittedly rather long) bar with a friend and looked over the cocktail menu. If I have one criticism it is that the focus of the drink menu leans too heavily on bourbon-based cocktails. I realize that bourbon is having its moment right now, and ever since “Mad Men” everyone has to order old fashioneds, but a bit more variety would be nice.

That said, the Borgata Julep that I ordered was flavorful, yet simple, combining Woodford Reserve bourbon with mint syrup and a sprig of fresh mint. The Black Martini, which blended Malibu Black, Chambord, pineapple and pomegranate juice, tasted vaguely like a fancy pina colada, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I had eaten a late dinner, and though their food menu looked passable, nothing was quite inspiring enough to force my hand in that direction.

After a pair of cocktails we called it a night. Long Bar may not be the flashiest bar in Borgata’s nightlife arsenal, but I can’t think of a more perfect spot in the casino for a quick, simple drink minus the chaos.

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