1. Wander in any time, but don't rush off. Rush lounge is Golden Nugget Atlantic City's most easygoing hang out spot. Decorated in gold and red with cream-colored couches gently curving around low drink tables, the sleek, ultra-modern lounge's gleaming bar is tended from 4 p.m. till the wee hours of the morning, but the attached party pit always is going on. In off hours, guests often stroll in with a drink in hand or order one while gambling at the roulette or blackjack tables in the party pit, says Golden Nugget Vice President of Food and Beverage Kevin Scull.

2. Feel the rush. Before Golden Nugget had its very own nightclub in Haven, just down the way from Rush Lounge, this was the happening party spot, with live music every night and late-night DJs on weekends. The bands help keep the energy high and get the dance crowd going, but the music is tough to pin down to one genre, Scull says. "Originally it was just singles, duos and trios, now there are more full bands," he says. "We realized we needed more energy and we evolved with the entertainment, not in quality level but in the format. Now there are bigger, full bands, with horns. It's become more like a dance club as opposed to a jazz lounge." Popular bands include Dane Anthony, B Street, Big City and Don't Call Me Francis, sprinkled in with duos such as Patty & Bugsy or the multi-talented Richie Balin.

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3. It's always a good time to make new friends. Rush Lounge is easy to find at the top of the self-parking escalator, and its convenient location makes it the perfect spot to meet up with friends for happy hour, a pre-gaming cocktail or a break in the casino action. After partying all night at Haven or Bar 46, you may want a place to keep the party going or to take a load off while you revisit the evening's highlights outside the quiet glare of a hotel room. Should you happen to meet someone special and want a quiet spot to get to know them better, Rush still has you covered. The party atmosphere is there, with the live bands providing talking points while a DJ keeps dancers spinning on the dance floor from 2 to 5 am every Saturday night and 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. for Industry Mondays.

4. Sports always bring a rush. There are 20 high-definition TVs at Rush. Three of them measure 80 inches wide, all show sporting events from baseball to hockey to basketball, depending on the season. The bar boasts an impressive craft beer selection in addition to the old faithful classics. And when the weather air outside turns crisp and fans start breaking out their football jerseys, Rush shows its sports bar side, with a "stadium food" menu offered Saturdays and any given Sunday the NFL is on TV.

5. Take a chance on fun tonight. The party pit at Rush is always open, but if you're drinking there about 5 p.m. on a weeknight, the $4 domestic beers and well drinks - plus sassy cocktails such as the Spring Forward, with Spring 44 vodka, Triple Sec, oranger juice, cranberry juice and a splash of club soda for $3 - will make you so happy, you might forget for a minute you're at a casino. Luckily, the folks running Rush haven't forgotten for a minute this is, in fact, a gambling haven. Take a spin on the roulette wheel, try your hand at blackjack or check out the video poker machines sunken in the bar itself, and you can be sure more drinks will find you out.


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