1 There are plenty of reasons to stay here all seasons. The new LandShark Bar and Grill, atop a pier just off the Boardwalk, is the only location in the city where you can feel as if you're on the sand and by the surf year-round. Unlike the city's other beach bars that are actually beach-level decks open to the elements, LandShark is covered and surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that open like doors to the outside, making it seem like a raised tiki bar in summer, and a sheltered getaway in the offseason where you can feel free to waste away.

2 It's the magic of the music that draws a crowd. As you should expect with an establishment styled after a guru of lighthearted party music, LandShark will have daily entertainment, principally in those happy afternoon and early evening hours. While you can almost certainly expect Jimmy Buffett tunes from time to time, those are far from the only musical selections. Acoustic soloists and duos plan to stick to that spirit, though, with mellow, beachy, relaxing vibes at all times.

3They offer escape, but also embrace what's here. The most unique aspect of this second LandShark location is the company's decision to make it a museum dedicated to the history of New Jersey's surfing culture, with historic surfboards ridden at the shore and dozens of photographs, old advertisements and other artifacts adorning the walls and ceiling. "There's no New York, there's no California; it's pure Jersey," says Mark Fragale, curator of the Honolulu Surfing Museum, who designed and gathered all the exhibits. "It was our mission statement to embrace the local culture."

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4 Grab a cheeseburger and a cold draft beer. The menu features plenty of Buffett references and staples, from the LandShark cheeseburger and seafood options to the specialty frozen concoctions, mixed drinks in LandShark Koozies and, of course, LandShark lager by bottle, can and draft. Beer prices range from $4.75 to $6, and mixed drinks range from $7.75 to $9.75. They don't plan to have any drink specials this first summer season, but may implement some when the offseason comes around.

5 You can stumble up and down to the bar. What really makes this place a beach bar, even though it's raised on a pier above the beach, is that there is an entranceway right up off the beach in addition to the Boardwalk entrance. You can feel free to dress down and come up in a bathing suit, cover-up and flip-flops, but there are a few rules. "We'd love to say no shoes, no shirt, no problem, but it is sort of a problem when you're serving food," says Tamara Baldanza, director of new business for Margaritaville.


Owner: Margaritaville Hospitality Group

Opened: Friday, May 24

Evolution: The new bar venue is positioned on the former Steeplechase Pier location outside Resorts. The pier burned down in 1988, but now stretches out 200 feet toward the ocean.


Where: Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at Resorts Casino Hotel

When: Open 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, year-round.

How big: 8,000 square feet, 370-person capacity

What to wear: Casual clothing, with shoes and shirt required

What you'll hear: Live, acoustic entertainment each afternoon and evening

Who's there: A crowd of all ages

How much: No cover charge; beers start at $4.75, mixed drinks at $7.75.

How to get more info: MargaritavilleAtlanticCity.com

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