1 It's a casual oasis by the casino floor. The Eden Lounge has been a popular party spot at Harrah's for a decade and it continues to attract crowds looking to relax with a drink or act like a fool on the dance floor before a live band. It welcomes all comers but the typical patron is usually of the 30- to 50-year-old variety, as well as those looking to socialize and sing along.

2 It can be the origin or ending of your evening. The lounge is open daily from 4 or 6 p.m. to the early morning, with happy hours until 7 p.m. As an attractive bar area resembling an outdoor plaza with trees and decorative stone, it makes for a fine place to comfortably grab your first few drinks and get the night started. Or, as a sometimes lively scene in the middle of the casino, with music echoing through the building and beckoning a constant stream of newcomers, it could just as easily be the place where you spend your whole night.

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3 Appletinis are far from forbidden. Drink prices start at a standard $6 for beers and about $7 for mixed drinks, but they also have happy hour specials available every day from 4 to 7 p.m. The regular features are $5 for craft draft beers and $5 for Absolut vodka cocktails. There is never any cover charge, so that's just more money to go to your bar tab.

4You can double down on sinning. The bar top features video gaming machines in the place of what once were rails of ice to keep drinks cold. Now, instead of just serving as platforms for your glasses and elbows, the space allows or entices you to keep pushing your luck while still being out and in the mix of everything.

5This beer haven's schedule grows best when it's warm out. Like a lot of places in Atlantic City, Eden Lounge's hours fluctuate as do the sizes of crowds with the seasons. In the winter, live entertainment is often restricted to weekends, but in the summer the party might go every day with various promotions from special-themed parties to karaoke with a live band. Keep an eye on AtlanticCityInsiders.com to follow its event listings.

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