Turns out, newly married life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. I think that initial euphoria is wearing off ... and the work is piling up.

I gleefully opened 200 presents, and haven’t written a single thank-you note since getting hitched. Oops. Married or not, I still have to go to work every day — even though this fall weather has been so, so pretty. All I want to do is go run and play. Even our house is work. Sure, it’s beautiful, but who will sweep all of our gorgeous hardwood?

So I’ll hope you’ll excuse me while I go play hookie. There is just too much to do; and this wedding profile by Sandy LeClare is just too cute. Enjoy!

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The Philadelphia International Music Festival, featuring members of The Philadelphia Orchestra, pulled on everyone’s heart strings this summer as two of the festival’s earliest alumni, Madison Marcucci of Franklinville, and Robert Day III of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, were married at Bryn Mawr College’s historic Thomas Great Hall.

A true classical music love story, the bride and groom began twelve years ago as young participants in the festival. Each year the two students returned to the festival to study violin and cello respectively with members of the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra. Their friendship blossomed over the years, and in 2005, Marcucci and Day went on their first date to a Phillies game — which has become a favorite pastime. The young couple went their separate ways for college: Marcucci to Juilliard, Day to Princeton, returning each summer to PIMF’s program for college students and young professionals. In early 2012 they decided to marry where it began: the Philadelphia International Music Festival. They chose the date of June 23 — seven years to the day after their first date.

“It is wonderful to know that our festival not only brought together two of our distinguished alumni, but that Cristian Macelaru played such a large part in this romantic fairly tale,” said Kimberly Fisher, Principal Second Violinist of The Philadelphia Orchestra and Co-Founder/Artistic Director of PIMF, who surprised the bride with her own solo performance at the wedding. Macelaru, assistant conductor of The Philadelphia Orchestra, conducted a full orchestra at the wedding, which could easily rank as one of the most musically captivating of all time.

Marcucci and Day spent their young lives studying with respective members of The Philadelphia Orchestra; Marcucci, who began studying with Kimberly Fisher at age 9 and Robert with Gloria dePasquale at age 10. “My family’s life has been immersed with festival activities for as long as I can remember,” said Marcucci, whose mother is one of the festival’s co-founders. “My fondest memories are from PIMF. My love for performance was developed through PIMF. Some of my greatest friendships were formed at PIMF. And, of course, I met Rob at PIMF. It seemed natural to get married at PIMF — a place I have loved my whole life.”

The exciting news of a “festival wedding” broke in February at one of PIMF’s many year-round events — the PIMF Solo Recital Concert at the historic Cunningham Piano Company in Germantown. Day popped the question to Marcucci before a live audience following her performance of Mozart’s 5th Violin Concerto. Captured on video, The Proposal (as it’s been coined on YouTube) will stand as “one of the highlights of PIMF’s digital library”, said Fisher. Most of the bridal party — which included long-time friends from PIMF — were in attendance.

“A goal of ours at PIMF is to ‘bring music to daily life’ for those who participate with us in the festival,” said Seattle resident Larry Fisher, who has conducted and taught private lessons at PIMF each year since its inception in 1997. “What a heart-warming, real-life story we had the pleasure of witnessing over the past seven years. I can think of no better way to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of PIMF.”

Although none will be as elaborate (and romantic) as the wedding of two of the festival’s earliest alumni, the Philadelphia International Music Festival will be hosting concerts and special events all year in celebration of their 15th Anniversary. The program this year included over 280 young musicians from throughout the United States and around the world.

The wedding was filled with friends, family, and alumni of the Philadelphia International Music Festival. The tented reception was held at the Willows in Villanova. “It was filled with love all the way around,” said one of guests.

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