I love fall.

I love Starbuck’s pumpkin-spiced lattes, knit scarves and leather jackets. I love vibrant foliage — the yellows, oranges and reds — and the way crisp air feels. I could do without the mind-numbing allergy headaches, but whatever.

The other day Joel and I went on a walk in Birch Grove Park not too far from our Northfield home. Birch Grove Park is a very special place for us: It’s where we had our first kiss and where we expect our kids to play someday.

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And it’s just so beautiful this time of year.

On our second date in April 2010, it was already hot and sunny. But this season the trails are soft with fallen leaves; the trees are all turning of autumn’s best shades; the ducks are swimming in clear, blue ponds hidden away. It’s so quiet back in those trails you can hear the ducks swimming. You can hear the kids laughing; and it’s some kind of suburban perfect.

Without worrying where we might be going, we let the snaking trails take us where they would. If you get a chance, go and hike around. There are all kinds of big, weird trees, ponds with lily pads, footbridges and places to get lost.

The world just fades away . . .

I love it.

I know that I was a summer bride because August made the most sense for our families; but sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to get married in June, January or October. October would have been nice. I could have had bridesmaids in crimson satin and a bouquet of red, orange and yellow roses and calla lilies. Sigh. That would be really nice.

The more I thought about it, the better it sounded. And I wondered, what else is in store for autumn brides? What else did I miss out on? I asked One Atlantic’s senior wedding planner, Julie Forrest.

What do you do for fall that you can't do at any other time?

Since the weather has started to cool, the fall season has a wealth of fresh ingredients and menu ideas. At One Atlantic our culinary team works with our fall couples to include items on their menu like roasted butternut squash served in mini pumpkins and salads with sugared walnuts, grapes and figs.

And we can't forget the sweet stuff — simple American-style desserts like caramel coated pears on a cinnamon stick fit the fall season perfectly. A fresh apple cider doughnut over a shot of milk and a mini apple pie a la mode all put the unique signature of fall into their event.

How does One Atlantic play up the season?

Fall has a variety of color that can be reflected in table linen, china, chargers etc. We are seeing a lot of all white weddings accented with purple, gold and brown. Metallic details continue to be a big trend with gold, silver and pewter represented in votive holders, frames and napkin rings.

One Atlantic is very fortunate being a beach venue with beautiful views! We consider ourselves an all season venue. The beach never changes except that in the fall, we have the most vibrant of colors at sunset. Many of our wedding ceremonies are conducted right at that time to take advantage of this.

What opportunities do fall brides have that they should be taking advantage of?

When having your wedding at One Atlantic in the fall, brides can take advantage of a less crowded beach and boardwalk for optimal picture taking. There's always an A.C. rolling chair open and waiting for them.

* * *

Sounds lovely.

Also this week, Joel and I found ourselves on the beach in Margate, where we took a long walk next to a deep blue ocean — fall changed the beach’s palette somehow. The ocean was more marine; the sand, more khaki; the sunset, hot pink. It was really gorgeous.

And, without any wedding stress, it was totally enjoyable. Just me and Joel walking hand-in-hand into the sunset with a thousand of those little birds flitting around, leaving forked footprints in the sand . . .

Maybe you should get married this fall; I’m pretty glad that's over with.

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