Me and Joel

Me and Joel and Shiran and Jeremy's wedding last week. Got to love a good photo booth!

I didn’t want to get to this point — I really didn’t.

Are we done yet?

I’m not having any fun on this ride anymore. I want to get off.

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This week has been stressful. It isn’t any one person’s fault. It’s just A LOT.

I think I’m just overdoing it. This past weekend Joel and I flew to Toronto for his cousin’s wedding. On Tuesday, I went shopping with my mom in Philly. I have spent the entire week wandering around in an exhausted stuppor.

In preparation for the wedding, I learned the names of his aunts, uncles, first and second cousins — it was big. The wedding was fabulous — Joel’s family was welcoming, everything was delicious, the bridesmaids looked gorgeous and the bride was overjoyed.

It was really something. Every time I saw Joel’s aunt — the mother of the bride — she just said, “Isn’t it amazing?”

And it was.

The bride’s and groom’s friends clearly knew how to have fun. They coreogrpahed a dance and staged a fake color war. It was something else. Moreover, the bride and groom seemed so thrilled at their luck. My grandmother once said that about me and Joel — that we seemed so thrilled with our luck to find each other.

Maybe that’s why we say “mazal tov,” which means “good luck.” Or maybe we’re just hoping some of their good luck rubs off on us.

Here’s hoping!

Fans and flowers

We have a florist! After we met with those two florists I left with the feeling that A was perfectly nice but B was my guy.

“But A will do whatever you tell her to,” my mom said. Except that I don’t know what I want. I know I want it to look great but I need someone who can direct me — and I’m pretty sure B is that person. We had this vibe going — he could complete my barely articulated thoughts. Of course, he was more expensive.

“Can we ask [B] to meet [A]’s price? Maybe tone it down?” My mom said she would try. And it worked!!!

B sent us another estimate with slightly fewer arrangements; honestly, it was hard for me to spot the differences between the two write-ups. But, yes! He’s in!!

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Weddings are so many details, like the fans I want to use as place cards. My mom bought some pretty printed paper ones (say that 12 times fast!) from Oriental Trading Company; and I think I’m going to supplement them with about 150 raffia or sandalwood fans just to keep everyone cool.

It’s just too hot out not to do something.

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