When I first went to Kleinfeld, my aunt gave me a book my father gave her when she got married: “The New Jewish Wedding” by Anita Diamant.

Diamant included a story that — like much of her book — made me laugh and cry and the same time. It’s told in the name of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, a master in a sect of Hasidim known for song, dance and storytelling.

“A group of people who have been to a wedding are on their way home. One says, ‘It was a beautiful wedding. I liked the food.’ Another says, ‘It was a great wedding. The music was marvelous.’ Still another says, ‘It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. I saw all of my friends there and had a terrific time.’ Rabbi Nachman who overheard them, says, ‘They weren’t really at a wedding.’

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Then another wedding guest joins the group and says, “Thank G-d those two got together!’ At that, Rabbi Nachman says, ‘Now that person was at a wedding!’”

I love this story because it focused my attention on what matters. Yes, I care about my dress, the flowers, the music and photographer. I want sunny skies and a packed dance floor — but, most importantly, I want to be married.

One day to go!!!

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