I should apologize for last week’s column.

“I had a bridal meltdown,” I told a friend between bites Sunday night at Burger.org.

“Mmmhmm,” she nodded knowingly, having gotten married herself in April. “I had a couple of those.”

These things happen, I suppose, when there is so much pressure to not only have a beautiful wedding but to please everybody — both my family and his.

Occasionally, they ask for things in direct conflict. And, occasionally, it just becomes too much.

But my apologies, nonetheless.

* * *

Sigh. I love my dress so much.

I went to try it on this week at Kleinfeld this week. I was nervous. I knew it wouldn’t fit. Sure enough, it looked pretty awful when I first put it on. You couldn’t see my body for all the tulle; but when my consultant threw open the curtain, my mom and aunt gasped. They were so good ;)

My seamstress, Ramona, pinned it to my body and my mom and aunt snapped pictures like my own personal papparazzi: I felt very pretty.

My dress is, well, a lot of dress. It is certainly more — more fabric, more lace, more luxurious — than anything I have ever worn. I favor simple dresses in my day-to-day life. My favorite dresses come from Kmart and the H & M Outlet at The Walk. But this dress — this dress has mountains of petticoats, ivory tulle and lace sewn on the translucent material — there’s something phantasmic about it the way the skirt forms peaks and vallies of wisps.

They bodice may be the best part. As a friend predicted: I love the buildup. The lace forms a high, scallopped collar and 3/4 sleeves. It’s modest and timeless.

My reservsations? It’s just so much dress. Afterward, I was looking at vintage-shop gowns — could I have bought one of those instead? NPR's Planet Money team recently demonstrated the astronomical markup between raw fabric and wedding dress. The findings, of course, suprised no one but fueled some rage. How can it be worth it???

I don’t know. But I do know I’m only doing this once — so we’re going all out.

Six weeks and counting!

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