Last week I wrote about riding a new Moto Guzzi V7 Racer - I picked it up in Manhattan and rode it home to Atlantic County.  It was sweltering out, so instead of my usual full face Bell Star Carbon I rode a newish helmet from Bell, the Mag 9 Sena.  

First off it's a 3/4 helmet with a sort of bill on the top,  I was a little nervous that it would cause my head to lift up a little at speed but obviously the Bell engineers knew what they were doing and I had no reason to worry.  The helmet has a clear lift up face shield that works very well - it stays in place nicely and does a good job of keeping the wind out.  It also has an integrated sunshield for when you need it.  I have to say I'm pretty spoiled by the transition lens in my Star, but this sunshield worked perfectly.  It snapped securely down into place, was large enough to shiled my whole field of vision without coming down too far to my nose. The optic quality was good and it didnt jiggle or whistle or anything.

Comfort was excellent.  I can fit into either the Large or the XL but I chose the Large, as once it breaks in it should loosen up a bit.  The liner was very plush and I didn't have any pressure points.  My head shape is a long oval but my buddy with a much rounder head tried this on and it worked well for him too.

The finish of the helmet was top notch, as I find all of Bell helmets are once you get up to a certain price-point.  This helmet was a very nice looking matte lack, with a shape that looks a little more angular than most 3/4 helmets, which I find make me look like Marvin the Martian.

The Mag 9 is DOT rated for safety, and what I like is that it makes me feel quite secure with it's snug, comfortable fit and sturdy construction. I really like this helmet and would recommend it for anyone looking for a good quality helmet that still allows for good airflow and day/night convenience.

In my next post I'll let you know a bit about my experience with the Sena SMH10 intercom that snaps right in to the pre-sized port on the helmet.

Thanks for reading - good luck and ride safely.

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