I'm a big believer in escaping on my motorcycle.  I escape my responsibilities, pressures, stress and just ride, listening to the odd sounds my motorcycle likes to make and the wind rushing past me.  I love to ride alone but there is also nothing more fun than riding with a buddy or passenger, exploring together and sharing those new experiences.  For that you can either stop every few miles and BS for a bit, or you can use a helmet communicator.  Since I'd rather ride than stop I went with the latter.  

There are lots of great communicators on the market, but since Bell conveniently made their Mag 9 accept a Sena SMH 10 right into the side of the helmet I naturally chose that one to try out.  

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First off this thing was a piece of cake to install.  A few seconds and some adjusting inside and it was all set.  Second it felt a lot more secure than other, non-integrated systems go.  Third and finally, the features were excellent.  Bluetooth connectivity to my phone, along with access to calls, music, friends, etc if you are into that sort of thing. For me a few "look over there" comments and some riding instructions were enough to really make this piece of tech truly appreciated.  For those that don't mind a little music on the road it did a really good job, and also worked well on directions.  I do wish the volume could have been a little higher, but perhaps Bell will have the next integrated helmet be a full face and that might solve the problem.  Sound quality was great most of the time, again sometimes when it was really noisy out it was a little hard to hear, but then again that's probably when I really don't want to be bothered.  Helmet to Helmet conversations were a lot better than listening to things over the phone.  I found the range was excellent and you really didn't have to shout to be heard.  Supposedly you get up to 1,000 yards but I did better than that on open terrain.

The nice thing is that you can get the SMH10 even if you don't have a Bell Mag 9, you just have to get a different version.  Here is a list of NJ distributors.  If you can't get to any of these you can also give Revzilla a try - either in Philly or online.  Oh by the way, the communicator is $209.95 for a one person unit.  Not bad even though it's $30 more than the helmet it snaps so easily into.  

Speaking of Revzilla, I've been buying stuff there for years when I can't find it locally. Now that I live in the area I went to their brick and mortar store at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and I have to say I was blown away.  They've got EVERYTHING, and they had awesome service to boot.  Don't get me wrong, I'll continue to see if Honda in Somers Point or the Harley dealer in Absecon happen to have something new and exciting in stock, but I'll definitely be stopping in to Revzilla whenever I'm in the neighborhood.  If you know of any really cool local shops that sell motorcycle gear let me know.

Thanks and ride safely,



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