Last week I took a few days off to go to Hershey Park.  I need to get than tank on my Griso replaced due to some bubbling (darn ethanol) so my wife and I decided to turn it into a mini-vacation.  

My wife drove with the babies, our two teenagers and their two friends whilst I rode comfortably, all alone.  Bliss, right?  Well for the first hour it was - then we hit Philly, and the rain hit us.  Just as I'm getting through the worst part of the traffic the skies open up.

I'd been wearing my awesome Revit summer outfit, comprised of one of my favorite jackets, and the one I tend to pick up the most - a discontinued Revit Air and matching pants.  These have been replaced by the Airwave jacket and pants, which from what I could tell from seeing them at Revzilla in Philly were even better.  Anyway though this set-up is meant for hot weather riding, and it does a terrific job.  Rain however is it's mortal enemy, as within moments I was soaked.  Luckily my wife had my Roadcrafter in the van and at the next stop I dried off and switched out.  What a difference, seriously.  My body was dry and comfortable the whole way to Hershey, despite some sideways rain. My feet were good too, as I was wearing my Alpinestars Roam WP boots.  That's WP for Water Proof right?  Yeah pretty much.  The boots are extremely comfortable, although they do require a bit of breaking in.  They also kept my feet dry and firmly planted onto the ground at stops - which were often given that awful traffic.  For gloves I was riding Revit's Summit H20 gloves.  Great reviews on the web and one of my favorite gloves all-around, but I was a little disappointed at how they let quite a bit of chill and moisture onto my hands.  It was raining hard, and for hours too so it wasn't terrible, but I was expecting a little bit more.

Anyway to complete my outfit I was wearing the excellent Shoei GT-Air helmet.  I have to say this is a most impressive helmet - so much so that I'm going to give you the details on it separately.  Let's just say I actually felt the ride was better because of the helmet.  The visibility, the comfort, the weight all really made a difference for me as I made the normally four hour trip in, oh, maybe 7 hours.

Anyway once I go to Hershey the weather was great for the most part. Riding in that part of PA is always fun, as I feel people have a great respect for motorcyclists and the roads and scenery is pretty cool too. The ride back was fun till I made the mistake of taking the Commodore Barry bridge from Pa into some wilderness region which was made even wilder by virtue of it being like midnight.  All in all a great long weekend - I hope you get to enjoy some good rides the rest of the summer too.

Ride safely,