Robert Hennessey

Hi, I’m Rob Hennessey, an avid motorcycle enthusiast, riding the gamut of bikes from Aprilias to Zundapps.

I am a native of Queens, N.Y. (not exactly the motorcycling capital of the world) and had my first real exposure to bikes at the age of 7, riding on the back of my Uncle Everett’s Harley all over central Florida, to my mother’s dismay.

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From there bikes always existed at the periphery; a VMAX parked next to my bus stop in 1985 that I would stare at every morning; my best friend’s uncle’s rusty Zundapp resto project; sport bikes racing up the boulevard on a hot summer night in high school. When I moved to Hawaii shortly after graduating, I finally pulled the trigger on a 1977 -- or so -- Suzuki GS 550. I was thrilled racing around town, over the mountains and up the seaside highway to the North Shore. Sadly the wild abandon wasn’t tempered with experience or good judgment, and I laid it down – spending almost a month alone in a hospital.

It took me a few years, but I decided to give it another try, this time a little more intelligently. Armed with experience and a respect for the road, I finally found my true love of riding – after taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. I wish I’d taken one of those much sooner – I may have avoided that fall. I think anyone riding a bike should take an MSF course before they ride, and then every few years to sharpen their skills.

There are many places you can read about great trails, motorcycles and such, but too few focus on gear. In this blog, I write about what goes beyond the actual ride. I’ll spend some time reviewing accessories, equipment, gear and the occasional bike.

If you want to reach me feel free to either post here or drop me a line directly to

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