According to Facebook, 54.7% of people ages 13-17 have a Facebook account. That statistic doesn't say it all. The minimum age to have a Facebook is 13. Kids love to keep up with the trends and even those much, much younger work around the system by using a false birth date and making an account. I will admit I too was one of them. It is not because I and others want to break the rules but it's rather because you too want to see the cool and rising hang out spot.

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I did not start using Facebook frequently until I entered High School and that is still now only once or twice a week. High School was the right time because more people usually joined once they got to High School too. Now, everybody is on it. From your local coffee shop to your grandmother, they're your "friend" or "fan". Actually I think my 4-year old cousin has one. She's not my friend. Rest easy though. She doesn't have any pictures on it and it's used by her mom. Which makes me think, 'why doesn't her mom use her own name and make an account rather than using my cousin's name?' For most of us, our friends are everyone that attends the school. Plus for some, a random hot girl or guy who also adds a stranger. Quite frightening, huh? Who knows who that hot girl or guy really is and even if that picture is actually them? Taking a look at my news feed, I see people posting status updates of the shows they are currently watching, people who are drunk, cool videos and someone trash talking another person.

And that helps give me a nice segue to my next point. Although it can be fun and games most of the time, it can sometimes take a deadly twist. Most people are deceived by the image of a computer screen, not realizing that behind the screen is a real person. Unfortunately, those abusive attacks (which some might not even think are bad) have caused many to take their own lives, many of whom were on a path to success. I don't use my account much other than to check on how others are doing, because I prefer email more. No, I'm not at all addicted. I know some who are and don't spend hours on it skipping homework. My parents are not on Facebook. Quite honestly, although I am a teenager, parents should monitor what their kids are doing online. It may sound like a cliche by now but I can tell you, it's a fantastic idea. Some of the things people post online even haunt me. I always think...It's better to be safe than sorry. Got something to say on Facebook or wanna send me a shout out, you can follow me on Twitter @HipplePatel or send me an email at!


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