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Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber appears in three of the year’s 10 ‘most retweeted tweets.’

Maybe it's Justin Bieber's dashing locks or his voice - but either way, the 17-year-old Canadian boy has captivated the attention of so many girls, young and old. The boys like to hate on him, but even they know he is a star.

I was thinking of a topic for this blog, and my pal Ryan Levi immediately said Justin Bieber. Without a doubt, he is a successful teen. He has the second most followers on Twitter (11 million and change), is dating teen star Selena Gomez, and has an amazing and rising singing career. Search him on YouTube and you will find thousands of videos from infants to grandmothers jamming out to his tunes.

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Bieber Fever covers all lengths of the world. He has had to cancel shows because of overcrowding that resulted in violence. Just like any other celebrity he has the haters too. He has had things chucked at him on stage many times.

Everyone has their own opinion on him. He even has his own nail polish line, yes you heard right...nail polish line. It is a highly successful one at that, having sold its inventory completely a few times.

I admire what he has been able to do at such a young age but I am simply not a fan. I will be the first one to tell you for a lack of better terms, he does not have a normal voice for a 17-year-old male. You can go ahead and decipher what I mean by that. I think whether you are a fan of him or not - we can all acknowledge he is making the right choices. So far, no pictures of him smoking out of a bong or a crazy night out partying. He is definitely not trying to be a Miley Cyrus and act or do things to make him appear older than he really is. Justin Bieber is a good role model for teens but just don't expect me to be singing "baby, baby, baby, oh" anytime soon.

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