I made it! Don't ask me how, but I'm here. After a a gut-wrenching five hours of testing, I somehow made it out alive. It may sound like a diss, but both the ACTs and SATs suck.

My final conclusion: no test can determine how smart you are, don't try to tell me otherwise - I won't believe it.

I think both of the tests are very hard in their own ways. One of the main things is time. You can't win when making a choice in which test to take, they both have their own benefits.

But time is crucial, and the ACT lacks it. I honestly don't know what the honchos at the ACTs were thinking when they determine the time limits.

Me being me, I rolled in early (I was taking the test in Indiana) with my watch on my wrist. Little did I know, that minutes later - I would have to give it up because it was a breach of security. I honestly learn new things every day.

So with no watch on my wrist, and no working watch in the classroom - it was a battle to keep track of time AND take the test. Time won.

The timing is absurd. For a 75-question reading section, you get 40 minutes! Now, I'm no mathematician but that's not even a minute a question. I have to read the story, and the question - it takes TIME!

I like to say I'm a pretty fast reader but when time was up, I had 25 questions left so I did the only other option which was to just guess.

Being an English-focused kind of guy, I thought the reading and grammer sections were easy (minus the time), and the math and science sections still haunt me at night. I think I was reading gibberish.

I took the optional writing section and that was really easy. So after taking both the ACTs and SATs, I pray to the admissions director reading my college application to please ignore the standardized scores for not just me, but others too.

I'm more than my score- I promise.