There’s Facebook and Twitter, and then there’s the less known - Tumblr. Tumblr allows people to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Like Twitter, users can choose to follow other users and make their page private.

Its popularity is growing and is especially big with teens. Tumblr founder David Karp said in March 2008 on average there are 2,000,000 posts EACH day and 15,000 new users per day, and the popularity has been on a steady incline from there! There are now over 5 billion posts and over 17.5 million blogs.

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I don’t have a Tumblr but many of my friends do and they love it. They love it because they feel free to discuss anything without character limits or parental interference. A common sentiment is, Tumblr is better than Facebook … anyone can have a Facebook, but with Tumblr it goes deeper into your personality. The blogs are usually very personal and discuss their own lives.

Most friends use Tumblr to post inspirational pictures about life. They also like how they can connect with other people around the world who share things in common with them. You can also find a lot of poetry, fashion, and food posts.

With phones, it’s so easy to see what you’re seeing or going through instantly. It’s also a dairy of sorts for people, recalling events from that day and sharing it with the world. Whether it’s the latest celebrity gossip, drama, or just a day in the life; Tumblr has found a way to connect with so many teens. It’s daily life.

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