Opera has never been my favorite form of theater. But I'm far more likely to give it a try after witnessing a "random act of culture" Saturday at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

It was a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-dX8u5fg2c&feature=related" target="_blank">YouTube moment, as you can see when you click on the link. I'm behind that big group of people standing up around 3:25 minutes into the video - it's not on the film, but there were a couple of opera singers next to us, singing chorus as we ate our turkey wraps.

These sorts of moments have become popular YouTube links, as entertainers - posing as routine shoppers, diners etc. - suddenly break into song, surprising and delighting the customers around them.

Atlantic City may not have opera, but it has tons of entertainment. Wouldn't a random act of culture - popular or high-brow - be a great event here?