So the New Jersey PBA has decided to hold its annual spring convention at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut to protest what it says is Atlantic City's lack of support for the city's police department - the fact that it laid off 60 police officers (17 of whom have been rehired).

Is the police union is going to an out-of-state casino in a rather puerile attempt to stick it to Atlantic City? Of course it is.

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But the real question is whether it's also going out of state because it couldn't find a town in New Jersey where there hadn't been police layoffs.

It's rather ironic that the news the PBA convention is leaving broke in The Press today, the same day that papers statewide were headlining the fact that Camden had laid off half of its police department - partly because the police union wouldn't agree to deeper contract concessions. And The Press also carried a story today on how Hamilton Township could lay off another 11 police officers because of budget problems. Such stories are never-ending  in New Jersey - and across the nation.

Even Mohegan Sun territory is no land of milk and honey for police: The town of Montville's department has reportedly been strained amid budget problems, with the department's ranking officer contending the department is understaffed.

So guys, spend the time and travel costs if you want trekking to Connecticut. If you're looking for a town without police layoffs and concessions, you'll be out of state for some time.

Hope to see you in 2012.


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