Think Atlantic City's finances are in the toilet? Look at Newark - where Mayor Cory Booker said the city can't even afford toilet paper or holiday decorations.

And that led a civic-minded (and promotionally savvy) Margate businessman to come to the rescue, as The Wall Street Journal noted today.

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Marc Polish, who owns the Just Toilet Paper company, is prepared to donate 1,000 rolls of Santa Claus-themed toilet paper to Newark - and even more depending on his customers. His pitch: He'll donate a roll to Newark every time customers place an order for holiday-themed paper.

Closer to home, the state is turning down Atlantic City's request for a $9 million-plus cap waiver - which Mayor Lorenzo Langford said earlier would virtually shut down the city during the final few months of the year. Might Polish need to extend his generous offer and gear up production on that Santa paper?

Let's hope not. Atlantic City can't be allowed to get to that point. The state's finance guys, who are expected to intervene in the situation, need to find a way to balance the city's budget while keeping the streets clean and safe ... and the restrooms well-stocked. Without public donations.



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