Now that was Flyers hockey.

The Flyers did just about everything Saturday that they had talked about for the past week.

They beat the Montreal Canadiens to pucks, played sound defense and took advantage of offensive opportunities.

Here's a sampling of some of the things the team had to say about it after the game:

DANNY BRIERE: There're many things we did much better. I think our execution to start with, we were on top of our game in that department. Passes were on tape, we weren't bobbling the pucks; we weren't fighting pucks like we did in Game 3. Our forecheck, our cycles were a lot better. We were able to sustain some offense much better than we did in Game 3. But I think the biggest difference was the coverage in our zone, the way we were able to limit their chances, keeping them on the outside. And Michael was there to make the big saves when we needed them.

CLAUDE GIROUX: I think I went back to keep it simple, work hard, and start winning battles. When we start working, I think we had more chances, and, obviously, they didn't have a lot of chances in the second. But, yeah, if we keep it simple and work hard, good stuff's going to happen.

MICHAEL LEIGHTON: Well, obviously that was one of our main goals was to play better defensively. We definitely did that. I don't know how many times they came down the wing trying to fire pucks at me, and we had their "D" men who stuck their stick out and it went up in the crowds. We talked right before the game, and said we want to block as many shots and stop them charging the net, and we definitely did that. Our "D" did a great job doing that, and our forwards at the point were doing a good job blocking shots too.

MIKE RICHARDS: When we got the puck in deep, cycled, and didn't turn the puck over, we had success. That's something that obviously we have to continue.

CHRIS PRONGER: Our ability to not turn the puck over, make sure we got everything in deep; get our legs moving, get skating, get into the game early. We've now talked about it three or four games. Our starts haven't been that great, so tonight was very important for us to get off to a good start, get our feet underneath us quickly, and we did that. We had a very good first period.

PETER LAVIOLETTE: We were pretty tight defensively. We didn't allow a lot of opportunities. The neutral zone was really tight, which eliminates rush opportunities. You know, we had some chances ourselves to score, so (the second) was a good period.