Jeremy Roenick spent eight seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks and three with the Philadelphia Flyers.

But if the teams meet in the Stanley Cup finals, Roenick will root for the Flyers, he said.

"I love Flyer fans, I love Chicago fans," Roenick said on ESPN 1000 AM in Chicago earlier this week. "Chicago was great to me. Philly was great to me.

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"I'm not choosing anybody unless you put a gun to my head, and then I'd have to have a little bit of a choice."

Roenick did say, however, that he believes the Blackhawks will win it all.

"I think this is the year of the Hawk," Roenick said. "I think the way they look, I don't think anybody can beat them."

While Roenick's stay in Philadelphia was brief - he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 2005 to clear cap space for the Flyers to sign Peter Forsberg - the forward had an uncommon connection with Flyers fans. He was flashy but tough, and always outspoken.

Roenick left the Flyers on good terms, saying at the time that doing whatever it took to get Forsberg was the right move.

However, he still harbors resentment toward Chicago, where he started his career, for trading him in 1996 to the Phoenix Coyotes for Alexei Zhamnov. Roenick finished his career with San Jose in 2009, and he is rooting for the Sharks to beat the Blackhawks in the Western Conference finals.

"Like it or hate it, I got thrown out of Chicago in 1996 against my wishes," Roenick said.

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