Eagles OG Max Jean-Gilles has lost so much weight that he had to wrap tape around his waist to hold up his shorts during Wednesday's OTA workout.

Jean-Gilles said that he has lost approximately 30 pounds since undergoing gastric lap band surgery three weeks ago.

"I feel great," Jean-Gilles said Wednesday. "I'm bouncing around, flying around out there. It actually kind of scary."

Jean-Gilles, now weighs 358 pounds after ballooning to nearly 400 after last season. Having struggled with his weight since joining the Eagles in 2006, he decided to have the procedure after consulting with the Eagles' athletic training staff.

He is believed to be the first active NFL player to have the surgery.

"I have a feeling that some other guys have done it, but didn't admit it," Jean-Gilles said. "I guess I'm kind of a guinea pig."

Jean-Gilles participated in the onfield drills Wednesday, but has not yet been cleared to lift weights. He said he is also restricted to soft foods.

"Soup tastes really good to me right now," he said with a smile. "I can't eat regular food yet, but that's OK because I don't get hungry like I used to."