Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson looks back as Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly chafes him during practice Thursday in Philadelphia. Jackson posted this photo on his Instagram account today.

Now that Eagles WR DeSean Jackson has finally weighed in on the subject, I feel comfortable discussing his status.

Jackson confirmed via Twitter and Instagram that he had a chat yesterday with Eagles coach Chip Kelly and posted a picture that showed Kelly chasing him with a piece of yellow foam.

"Good to Talk to Big Chip today !!," Jackson Tweeted. "Say or hear what ya want !! The Picture speaks for itself !! Winner BirdGaNg !!"

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Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but it appears as if the various rumors that Jackson was going to be trade or even released were wrong.

"Most of the reports that come out are hilarious!!" Jackson wrote on Instagram Tuesday. "If u listen to half of them you'll be fooled!!"

As I've indicated before, it makes absolutely no sense to get rid of him. Even with the addition of RB Darren Sproles, Jackson is still a key part of the Eagles' offense. Not only is he coming off his best season statistically, but he also played a major role in RB LeSean McCoy's success.

Can he be a nuisance? Absolutely. He was deactivated for a game in 2011 after missing a team meeting and has caused his share of distractions over the years with contract squabbles. But while Jackson will never be a leader in the locker room, he is popular among teammates.

He is due to make $10.5 million this season. And he's worth every penny.



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