PHILADELPHIA - Eagles tight end Clay Harbor was still sore on Tuesday.

He did not suffer any major injuries in Sunday's 23-21 victory at Tampa Bay, but was still walking a little gingerly through the locker room. He headed for the cold tub in the trainer's room, hoping that a few minutes of soaking in 50-degree water over the next few days would help ease the aches in time for Thursday's game against Cincinnati at Lincoln Financial Field.

"It's tough to get ready to play again when you're used to playing on Sundays," Harbor said. "It takes a few days just to get over the normal bumps and bruises. But we can't take that much time this week. I'm going to hit the ice bath as much as I can and try to get as much rest as I can."

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The good news for the Eagles is they are playing at home.

They had a much more difficult task last season, when they had to fly cross-country to play a Thursday night game at Seattle. Jet lag and fatigue played roles in a lousy performance that produced a 31-14 loss on Dec. 1, 2011.

There were three Thursday night games involving East Coast versus West Coast. The home team won all three. This season, the NFL decided to omit any cross-country trips from its Thursday night schedule. The Bengals had about a two-hour flight to Philadelphia on Wednesday.

"The league looked into that East Coast to West Coast thing," coach Andy Reid said, "and I don't think the results were good for anybody."

This week's quick turnaround possibly prevented quarterback Michael Vick, running back LeSean McCoy and three other players from suiting up tonight. McCoy and Vick, who have not played since suffering concussions last month, may have had a shot at returning if the Eagles were playing on Sunday.

Tight end Brent Celek (concussion), safety Kurt Coleman (sternum contusion) and defensive tackle Mike Patterson (viral pneumonia) were also ruled out on Wednesday.

The players who will be suiting up tonight are hoping the excitement generated by playing in front of their home crowd will block out the lingering soreness for at least a few hours.

"That shouldn't be a problem because my adrenaline is so high during a game that I don't feel anything," linebacker Jamar Chaney said. "I've had a dislocated finger and didn't know it until a teammate pointed it out to me and I went to the sideline to have it pulled back in place. I've had cuts on my arms and didn't know I was bleeding until I took a shower after the game. You just get so psyched out there that you don't even notice that stuff."




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