PHILADELPHIA - Eagles defensive end Trent Cole and 73 other players walked off the practice field at the NovaCare Complex Wednesday to find individually prepared protein smoothies waiting for them in the lobby, along with a basket of protein bars and fruit.

"I've never been a big smoothie guy, but I like these," Cole said. "I like banana splits so mine has banana and chocolate in it."

The post-practice drinks are among a bunch of changes that new Eagles coach Chip Kelly has instituted since being hired to replace Andy Reid on Feb. 16.

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Besides overhauling the roster - 28 of the 74 players participating in this week's minicamp were not with the team last season - Kelly has also switched the locker room assignments, revamped the menu in the cafeteria, conducted tests to determine how much sleep each player should be getting, and has even taken to playing music during every practice.

"I love the music during practice," Eagles tight end Brent Celek said. "It makes it fun and keeps you interested in what's going on. It's like you're sitting in a nice restaurant and start talking to the people at the table next to you."

The new players should have no difficult adapting to Kelly's methods, but it could be more difficult for established Eagles veterans such as wide receiver Jason Avant, Cole, Celek and tackle Todd Herremans.

Cole and Herremans are the longest-tenured players on the team, having arrived in 2005. Celek and Herremans were drafted a year later. They are used to doing things the Andy Reid way.

"It's definitely different," Celek said. "We were so used to coach Reid for so long. But things change and I love what coach Kelly has brought here so far. It's awesome. Between the smoothies, the food and everything else, he's giving us everything we need to be successful."




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