PHILADELPHIA - The Eagles' defense has been going backwards since defensive coordinator Juan Castillo was fired.

 After giving up 128 points in the first six games, the defense allowed a combined 51 points under new defensive coordiantor Todd Bowles in back-to-back losses to Atlanta and New Orleans.

 "I think everybody's pressing too hard," Bowles said Thursday. "Everybody just needs to do their job and we need to just make our plays when they present themselves. We can't have the same mistakes crop up every week and we've got to rectify that. It's been a little disappointing, but we've got the guys in the room that can turn it around."

Poor tackling has been a major concern all season, but especially during the Eagles' four-game losing streak.

 Middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans tops the team with 83 tackles, followed by safety Kurt Coleman with 60.

Coleman may be the most improved tackler on the team. He was benched briefly last season after missing a couple of key stops in a loss to San Francisco, but has since become a reliable tackler, even if it means taking some big hits of his own.

In the season-opener at Cleveland, Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson barreled into Coleman with such force that Coleman's helmet flew off and he suffered a bloody lip and various cuts. But Coleman still managed to bring Richardson to the ground.

"Having good technique helps, but the technique will only take you so far," Coleman said. "Tackling really comes down to want-to. You have to be willing to take the guy down by any means necessary."



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