PHILADELPHIA - Eagles coach Andy Reid didn't have to worry about bad semantics this time when discussing quarterback Michael Vick's status Monday.

Reid was not asked a single question about Vick's future as the starter during his day-after press conference Monday, mostly because the quarterback played so well in Sunday's 19-17 victory over the New York Giants.

Vick delivered a flawless performance, committing no turnovers and leading yet another fourth-quarter comeback that produced a big win against the defending Super Bowl champions.

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A week ago, Reid had to defend sticking with Vick in the wake of a sloppy effort during a 27-6 loss at Arizona. Disgruntled fans were calling for rookie Nick Foles to take over.

"You can't listen to what everybody says and what is being said about you," Vick said after the game Sunday. "Everybody doesn't agree with how you play or how you win. What's most important is what happens internally within the organization and what we know. We just try to stay positive.

"You have to. If I listen to all (of the criticism), I'd be a wreck. I just had to try to stay positive. My family helped me through that. Deep down with that, you know I've been through a lot and it's kind of easy to persevere in the game that you love."

The Eagles provided a glimpse  of what they are capable of achieving when they take care of the football.

After committing a league-high 12 turnovers in their first three games, the offense was devoid of interceptions and fumbles against the Giants. Vick was especially careful. He turned in a mistake-free performance after throwing six interceptions and coughing up three fumbles in the previous games against Cleveland, Baltimore and Arizona.

Vick admitted after the game that he was having trouble getting into a rhythm after missing most of the preseason with a bruised thumb and sore ribs.

"The difference in this game was I didn't turn the ball over," Vick said. "I just played smarter. The thing is in this game you can't force opportunities against the defense, you have to let it come. I'll be honest, missing the preseason did affect me to a certain extent, but now I'm getting into my groove and seeing the field a little better. The guys around me are helping me and that's important."  

EXTRA POINTS: After Sunday's game, Vick was asked about Reid's decison to ice Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes by calling a timeout just before he attempted his first 54-yarder.

"I don't believe in icing the kicker," Vick said. "You let them kick it and if it's good, it's going to be good. If not, you can't play games. I don't know who started that, but we have to end that tradition."

Reid agreed on Monday.

"For about a minute there, I wasn't a fan of myself," he said.


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