MIDDLE TOWNSHIP - Quarterback Michael Vick is much more adept at driving the Eagles' offense toward the end zone than he is at steering his black Cadillac Escalade.

He arrived about a half hour late to his first annual charity golf tournament at Stone Harbor Golf Club Monday because he missed the exit on the Garden State Parkway.

Maybe he had Cozy Morley's classic song, "On the Way to Cape May," in his CD player.

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"Now I know how to get to Cape May," Vick said with a laugh. "I had never been down there before. I had read a lot about Cape May in fishing magazines and I know they catch a lot of striped bass there. Now I know where it is."

The wrong turn was merely part of what was initially a frustrating journey for Vick. An avid golfer who usually shoots in the 80s, he had to wait to borrow a set of clubs and some shoes from the Stone Harbor pro shop after losing his gear Sunday at Philadelphia International Airport.

The setbacks didn't prevent him from enjoying himself, however. After thanking sponsors and conducting a few interviews, he joined the approximately 30 golfers who paid $300 apiece to play in the tournament that benefits the Boys and Girls Clubs in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Va. and Philadelphia, as well as other charities.

The organization has always held a special place in Vick's heart. He spent many a day at the Boys Club in Virginia Beach as a youth. It was where he learned how to grow as an athlete and as a person, eventually earning a football scholarship to Virginia Tech.

The Boys Club was also where he conquered his biggest fear.

"That's where I first learned how to swim," Vick said. "The only thing I really feared as a boy was drowning in a swimming pool. When I was 8 years old, I dove into the deep end of the pool at the Boys Club by myself. I only swam to the side of the pool, but I did it."



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