Rookie Nick Foles will not only be the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback on Sunday at Washington, he could be in the lineup for at least a few games.

 Michael Vick, who suffered a concussion last Sunday against Dallas, has yet to make even minor progress. Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder indicated he may not be fit to play football again for a while.

"He just not the Michael Vick that I know when he's healthy," Burkholder said Friday in quotes provided by the team. "He just does not have that energy, is not very alert. He's tired all the time and he's slept a lot. He's not getting rid of the fatigue."

Burkholder added that Vick is also still suffering from a headache.

 Vick did not even report to the NovaCare Complex until Thursday and left after receiving treatment for about two hours. He took an impact test on Friday, the first in a series of physical and mental exams a player must undergo after suffering a concussion, and registered under his baseline, Burkholder said.

 The next step is to take a four-phase exercise program to test his strength, endurance and balance, but Burkholder indicated he is not even close to being healthy enough to start that part of the NFL post-concussion program. Vick would ultimately have to be cleared by an independent neurologist before he can play again.

"He has too many symptoms for us to even exercise him," Burkholder said.

Vick will not make the trip to Washington. He has been ordered to stay home and rest. While his vision has cleared up, he is still sensitive to light and sudden movements. Burkholder told him to avoid any exercise and even playing video games this weekend.

This is Vick's second concussion in as many seasons. He also suffered one at Atlanta last year, but played the following Sunday. This concussion, which coach Andy Reid termed "significant" earlier in the week, could sideline him for a while.

"You just don't know and that's why you don't judge and that's why you don't speculate with the coaches about when he might return," Burkholder said. "It's not fair to him and it's not fair to them. You just have to take it day by day. That's the best way. None of us will do anything crazy and he won't have pressure on him and all that kind of stuff."