ATLANTIC CITY - Last night's card at Bally's featured plenty of action and controversy both in and out of the ring. Here are some observations and anecdotes from the show.

1. Referee Earl Morton had a rough night. First, he mistakenly ruled that Atlantic City welterweight DeCarlo Perez's trip to the canvas against  Rafael Montalvo was a slip. He was proven wrong seconds later, when Montalvo chased an obviously hurt Perez to the ropes and hammered him with punches until Morton stepped in.

He also erred in the main event between Ronald Cruz and Allen Conyers. Just as the bell sounded to end the opening round, Cruz connected with a left hook that sent Conyers to the ground. When Conyers got up, Morton merely smiled and wiped off Conyers' glove before sending him to his corner. Morton never indicated whether or not it was a knockdown, leaving the judges to fend for themselves until Control Board commissioner Aaron Davis finally determined that it was, in fact, a knockdown.

2. Atlantic City super-middleweight Antowyan Aikens became the first boxer I've seen in 30 years to give out a ring in the ring. Aikens followed his victory over Charles Kirby  by proposing to his girlfriend, Tara Robinson, while the fans cheered. Very nice gesture.

3. Lacey Township welterweight Jeff Lentz should seriously consider pursuing boxing full-time. Although he's a good MMA fighter, his chances of ever reaching the UFC appear slim. His first-round TKO over David Navarro showed that he has a lot of potential as a boxer.

4. Perez put a lot of unnecessary pressure on himself before his fight. He sported a whlte robe with "Muhammad Ali" on the back and played a tape of one of Ali's speeches as he walked to the ring, only to get stopped in the second round. No wonder the fans got on him after the fight.

5. Philadelphia promoter Russell Peltz enhanced his reputation for putting on competitve bouts. Fights that appeared mismatches on paper turned into interesting, exciting duels. A couple of them ended early, but that's the nature of the sport.



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