Greetings from the couch in my living room, where I watched Floyd Mayweather outclass Canelo Alvarez and Danny Garcia remain unbeaten with a victory over Lucas Matthysse on Showtime's Pay Per View at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas early Sunday morning.

Before I offer my opinions on those fights, let me make it clear that you get a much different view from watching on TV than you do from ringside. Being one or two rows from the ring is terrific - there is nothing like a big fight in terms of atmosphere - but TV offers various angles and slow-motion replays.

Regardless of the viewpoint, however, there was no excuse for judge C.J. Ross to score the Mayweather fight even, giving Mayweather a majority decision. Tweets from ringside journalists, TV viewers and everyone else knows that Alvarez won no more than two rounds, if any.

Ross should be suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission immediately.

Congrats to Mayweather, who left no doubt about his status as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world with his fantastic performance against Alvarez.

He completely dominated Alvarez, controlling the pace in every round while peppering him with jabs and combinations.

But what separates Mayweather from almost every other fighter in the sport is his defense. Alvarez was seldom able to be close enough to Mayweather to land any significant punches. Mayweather is a master at using angles and head movement to make fighters miss.

Alvarez outweighed him by more than 15 pounds by the time the bout started, but was unable to use his size and power with any effectiveness.

The feeling here is that Mayweather will never be beaten. He may be a jerk, but he's ridiculously talented and is dedicated to his craft. Unlike some other fighters, he never lets himself get out of shape, so he doesn't  have to waste valuable training time losing weight.

Meanwhile, Garcia deserves kudos. The Philadelphian retained his WBA/WBO junior-welterweight titles with a 12-round, unanimous decision over Matthysse.

The momentum changed in the Garcia-Matthysse fight in the eighth round when Matthysse's eye suddenly started swelling to the point where he was looking through a slit, most likely as the result of a head butt.

Through seven rounds, Matthyssse appeared headed for another convincing victory similar to the one he posted over Lamont Peterson in Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall in May.

Boardwalk Hall was a strong contender to land the Garcia-Matthysse fight, but the venue was unavailable due to Miss America.

Give Garcia credit for capitalizing on the injury, even scoring a crucial knockdown in the 11th round that proved to be the difference in the bout.

I wasn't real impressed with referee Tony Weeks. Garcia repeatedly hit Matthysse low throughout the bout, but he waited until the 12th to take away a point.

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