Governor Chris Christie signed three executive orders this week naming panels to advisory committees on education and higher education.

Executive Order 58 created the boldly named Education Transformation Task Force which has been given the less sexy charge of reviewing reams of education regulations to see if they are hurting perfomance in public schools.  The task force has not yet been named, but will include a teacher, a principal, a school business administrator and a superintendent.  Everyone in education can cite regulations they think are a waste of time and effort, so it will be interesting to see what the task force comes up with.

 One of the items to be reviewed is the massive and awkwardly-named state school monitoring process called QSAC, or the Quality Single Accountability Continuum, which, if nothing else, desperately needs a new name.

The task force’s initial report is due to the governor Aug. 15.

Executive Order 52 creates the Governor’s Higher Education Council, which will serve as an advisory board to the governor on higher education matters and provide recommendations on initiatives. 

Executive Order 51 creates the UMDNJ Advisory Committee to examine the delivery of graduate medical education in the state  and develop recommendations on how to improve its delivery and remain competitive.  The committee will review the recommendations of the former Higher Education Task Force  that include whether the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the School of Public Health should be merged with Rutgers’ New Brunswick-Piscataway campuses, and whether UMDNJ’s southern New Jersey based sschool should be merged with any of the senior public higher education institutions in southern New Jersey.

The task force’s report is due by Sept. 1, which is not a moment too soon as Rowan University is already developing a new medical school in Camden and a private developer has talked about putting a medical school at the old Newcomb Hospital site in Vineland.

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