It's still snowing out, and too early to tell if schools will open on Monday or if yet another storm may hit. With power outages on top of snow, it's not looking too promising.

But snow isn't the only issue.

School districts build a couple of snow days into the school schedule, but most used them up after the last storm in December, closing all three days before the winter (formerly known as Christmas) break

And as any parent trying to manage child care knows, the President's Day holiday is next weekend. Some area schools are already scheduled to close both Friday Feb. 12 and Monday Feb. 15.  Others are just closing on the 15th.

Some districts are using Friday as a teacher training day, and could instead open for students.  Teachers also could technically agree to come in on Monday Feb. 15. Districts that had planned a week off in the spring, could cut that short.

Or, it could snow again.

Closing for even one or two snow days next week will mean not only a short school week, but potentially a later school year.  By law, districts must get the required 180 school days in by June 30.

But let's face it, how much learning will actually get done the last week in June?  School officials would much rather have those days before the state tests in May.

Could school on Saturday be an option?

 Stop laughing.