You're all snowed in and just can't bear to watch one more "Law and Order" rerun. It's the perfect time to read your school's state report card.

The term report card is a bit misleading. Schools don't actually get a grade from the state Department of Education, which publishes the reports cards on its web site.

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But the report cards do include tons of data about class size, state test scores, salaries and how much it costs to educate a child in your town.

Each school gets its own report card, and there is some comparison with other schools in the district, and state averages. But whether it's average SAT scores, or how many students get suspended each year, there is bound to be something to interest everyone.

Deputy education commisioner Willa Spicer said in the media briefing on the report cards that she likes to look at instruction time -  how much of the school day is actually spent teaching.

You can click">here  to get to the state web site, then follow the directions to find your school. I find it easiest to search by county, first, then district.



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