As of today electric vehicles have some hurdles to climb before they are widely adopted; primarily high prices and short driving range. Both of these issues are related to the expensive batteries. But if claims by Envia Systems hold true electric vehicles could cost the same as traditional cars, and you’d be saving money from day one from the difference in fuel cost.

Envia claims their new batteries not only cost less per the amount of energy they hold (dollars per kilowatt hour) but also hold more energy in the same mass (kilowatt hours per kilogram). Envia is claiming a cost of $125 per KWH. Based on cost estimates the Nissan Leaf’s battery is roughly $725 per KWH. When it comes to capacity per the size of the battery, Envia is claiming 0.40 KWH per KG, the Nissan Leaf is around 0.12 KWH per KG.

So what does all this mean? While not exact, if you do the math based on numbers available the battery specs breakdown like this, comparing Envia’s claims versus the Nissan Leaf’s battery that is currently available.

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Cost of Battery per Energy Capacity ($/KG)  $750  $125

Energy Capacity of Battery per KG(KWH/KG)  0.12  0.40

Mass of Battery (KG)     200  200

Energy Capacity of Battery (KWH)   24  80

Cost of Battery      $18,000  $10,000

Range of Battery (Miles)    100  333

Battery Cost Per Mile of Range    $180  $30

Looking at the chart, IF this new battery technology works, soon an electric car could cost about $8,000 less and also get triple the range on a single battery charge. Another way to look at it, for the same 100 mile range with the new battery technology the car could cost $15,000 less! With gasoline prices on the rise again this could be some of the best news drivers have heard in years!

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