Getting through the airport and security would have been an easy task if I hadn't thought for about 5 minutes that I had lost my passport and ticket. Over and over again my parents and friends had warned me to guard and keep an eye on my passport constantly, so I did and when I couldn't find my passport immediately at one point I probably panicked a bit too much. I had just put my bag on the security belt and my camera bag was on the ground so I could pull my phone out of it. Suddenly, I looked around and didn't see my passport. I looked up into the bin in front of me and didn't see it there either. I felt through my pockets and looked though my hoodie, but still nothing. This is when the wave of fear crept over me. I asked my best friend, Richard, if he had my passport, but he didn't. After a lot of rummaging on both our parts, I lifted my camera bag and there underneath it was my passport. It was in the only spot right in front of me that I hadn't looked. Despite this whole situation only lasting a few minutes (maybe less than that), the amount of relief I felt finding it was huge. This was about as eventful my experience in the airport got, so I consider it a success.

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As we flew over the Dominican Republic into the Santo Domingo airport I looked out the window at the scenery below. It was interesting how there would be small pockets of nice areas, but then the majority of space below was tiny broken down homes and crumbling buildings. It was something I had never seen before and I knew immediately what I was going into. The ride to the hotel also gave us a look at the country and the coastline was beautiful with the bright blue water. Look to the other side of the road and you would see the broken down buildings and the makeshift tents that act as people's homes. This flight and ride into Santo Domingo gave us our first look at the 3rd world country.

Tomorrow, we will be working at the orphanage on a few different projects. I am very excited and eager to get to work and get to meet the kids. I know it will be a great experience. I love being here, but I am a much quieter person and it is taking me some time to get used to being around such a big group of new people. My courage to speak up hasn't quite evolved yet today. I know that by tomorrow I will settle in more and hopefully find my voice a little bit more among the group. I hope that over the next few days I will make a few new friends and get to experience everything about this trip to the fullest.

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