Stafford Township native Martin Truex Jr. will be back on the track this week.

Truex and his Michael Waltrip Racing teammates will participate in three days of testing in Daytona Beach, Fla., starting Thursday.

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The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is introducing new cars this season, so this testing is crucial.

“We need to go down there and start to understand the 2013 package,” MWR executive vice president of competition Scott Miller said in quotes provided Tuesday by the team. “We need to understand how to gain speed and to keep the cars cool in the draft. We just need to start to understand how the 2013 cars work. We hardly have any miles on them. This car is a whole new beast for us. Daytona is going to be an exploratory test. There are a lot of things we are going to test down there.

“We have a big list of things we will try while we are in Daytona. We will spend a lot of time on single car runs and try and optimize our qualifying package. We will spend a minimal time drafting since our car count is very low. However, drafting is important because we need to understand the cooling and the drivability of the cars in a pack.”

Truex and teammate Clint Bowyer became the first MWR drivers ever to make the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship last season.

“We have the capability to improve on our success from last season,” Miller said. “We developed a process last season to get from point A to point B and we found a lot of success with the process. We will use the same process to help us with the development of the 2013 car. Toyota Racing Development is working really hard on the engines to give us more reliability and more power. MWR is working really hard on the development of the 2013 car. I think we can elevate our program this season and compete for a championship again.”


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