I've written a lot about Stafford Township native Martin Truex Jr.'s philanthropic efforts on this blog.

With the holidays approaching, the NASCAR driver's business manager, Todd Moore, reached out and wanted to remind everyone that Truex still is working as hard as ever for charity.

The following was sent to me by Moore:

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"Let me begin by telling you that I’m not a journalist, nor a writer, I’m a business manager for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, Martin Truex Jr. My reasoning for writing this story isn’t to elevate Truex’s notoriety, nor am I lobbying for a raise, but rather to tell a positive story about someone that is simply a good human being. It’s the Holidays and I think taking a few minutes to read a story about genuine good in a person will make us all feel a bit better about ourselves and our humanity.

"As I sip my morning coffee watching CNN, I hear countless stories of travesty, the killing of innocent children at a Syrian playground, the political unrest between Israel and the Hamas, the global economic crisis or countless acts of injustice. There are times when I truly question our humanity, simply as human beings, where is our empathy for others, our morals and our character?

"Martin Truex Jr. comes from a humble upbringing in Mayetta, New Jersey. His Dad, Martin Truex Sr., taught is kids the basics, listen before you speak, respect the value of the dollar and help others. As a small clam fisherman back in the 60’s, Truex Sr. didn’t have much money. His mom commonly fed him brown bean sandwiches, because that’s all they could afford. Now a successful partner of a family owned clam operation, SeaWatch, he still makes himself brown bean sandwiches, comfort food and a reminder of the realities of how tough life can be. This set the stage for a family that is proud, hardworking, giving, successful and empathetic to others.

"Empathy, I think, should be built into the fabric of every human being. If you look it up, it’s defined as the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties. Being empathetic is important, but more importantly, empathy is a call to action to help others in need. That’s where Martin Truex Jr. comes in.

"Martin Truex Jr. is a successful NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver. He’s at the pinnacle of his career as a world class race car driver, has the best in sponsorship with NAPA Auto Parts, AAA, Bass Pro Shops, Schick, Paralyzed Veterans of America and others. He has a great team in Michael Waltrip Racing and Toyota Motorsports who supports Truex with hundreds of people that work tirelessly to build his cars, engines, pit crews, public relations and market brand Truex. You’d likely agree with me that Truex is living the American Dream, but there’s much more.

"A few years ago, Martin Truex Jr. and his long time significant other, Sherry Pollex, decided it was time to put empathy into action. They founded the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation to support Children in Need. Since the launch of the Foundation, literally hundreds of children have benefitted from its existence. As result of the Foundations work, hundreds of kids go to sleep each night with food in their stomachs, countless children are provided much needed cancer treatments and he’s committed to the construction of the Martin Truex Jr. pediatric unit at the Southern Ocean County Medical Center, located in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Most recently, when Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, including his home state of New Jersey, the day following the Hurricane, Truex launched a fundraising campaign to help. Individuals throughout North America began sending money to help out. To date, he has single-handedly raised over $150,000. to help Sandy victims in addition to sending a trailer load of much needed supplies to people impacted by the storm.

"To close the story, this NASCAR driver by the name of Truex, most importantly isn’t just a race car driver. The most important part of Martin Truex Jr.’s life is his empathy for others followed by his action to help others. The true value from my story isn’t to tell you how wonderful Martin Truex Jr. is, but rather a call to action to you. During this Holiday Season take a few minutes to have empathy for others in need. As Martin Truex Jr. did, put empathy into action and help someone out that needs it. We all are blessed to have the capacity to help others, let’s act on empathy, Truex does…

"For more information about the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, please go to http://www.martintruexjrfoundation.org/ ."

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