Martin Truex Jr. didn’t have much to say publicly about Joey Logano wrecking him on the last lap Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Sonoma, Calif.

Those close to the Stafford Township native had plenty to say, though.

Just minutes after the incident, Truex’s younger brother, Ryan, aired his frustrations on Twitter.

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“Joey Logano you are a tool!!!!!!!” Ryan, 20, posted.

About a half-hour later, Ryan had deleted that post — likely because Logano is his teammate in the Nationwide Series.

“I like Joey, but there’s no need to drive like that,” Ryan wrote in response to a fan’s post criticizing his initial one.

A few minutes later, that post was gone, too, as Ryan explained that his emotions got the best of him.

“It's easy to get frustrated when it's ur own brother out there and u know how hard he works just to get it taken away in one corner. Sorry,” he wrote.

But he wasn’t alone in his criticism of Logano.

Shortly after the race, the elder Truex brother’s longtime girlfriend, Sherry Pollex, weighed in on Twitter.

“Sad for MT,” Pollex wrote. “He got a flat on the last lap because Joey Lagano is an idiot.”

She also re-posted a comment from a fan that “he’s a dumba** MT needs to whoop his a**.”

Pollex deleted those posts eventually but later wrote that Logano “needs to learn how to drive.”

Truex wasn’t alone in his frustration with Logano, who also wrecked teammate Denny Hamlin.

In fact, even Kelley Earnhardt claimed that Logano was responsible for wrecking her brother, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Kelley Earnhardt wrote to Pollex on Twitter: “lagano was our problem too.”


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