I’m not really sure what I like so much about Paul Carr’s current blog at huffingtonpost.com or what it has to do with Atlantic City — except that it’s about living in hotels, and I like hotels, and Atlantic City has lots of hotels.

Does that work?

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Check it out. Carr is currently in the midst of what he is calling his “Vegas adventure.” He’s spending 33 consecutive nights on the Vegas strip, staying in a different hotel each night.

Why? One reason is that Carr, a Londoner, doesn’t understand why Americans look down on Las Vegas. Europeans love it he says. The other reason is that this is how he lives — in hotels — and he’s promoting a new book about his lifestyle, “The Upgrade: A Cautionary Tale of a Life Without Reservations.”

Here’s how he explained it in a recent post:

“My love of hotels started young. My parents are career-long hoteliers and my first hotel check-in came when I was two days old and they carried me in a basket back to a suite at the King Malcolm Hotel in Dunfermline, Scotland. I spent my first Christmas in a hotel, I ate my first solid food in a hotel restaurant and I drank my first Diet Coke (not entirely legally, I suspect) in a hotel bar. Before speaking my first word, I dialled nine for an outside line.”

So ... somebody ought to invite him to Atlantic City. A month might be a little a tough. We ain’t Vegas. But having Carr spend seven nights at seven Atlantic City casino hotels might be a good way to promote the city.



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