Regular readers know I think Gov. Chris Christie goes too far in his attacks on public workers. But I do know where he is coming from. Consider" target="_blank">this story about the Egg Harbor Township schools:

Retired Superintendent Philip Heery — already pulling down a $103,000-a-year pension and already working in a nice post-retirement gig at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey — has been rehired in his former district to head the district’s energy-saving program. He’ll get $65,000 per year in that position.

The EHT schools have hired a national firm, Energy Education, to assess the district’s buildings and find ways to reduce energy costs. In his new position, Heery will be the district’s liaison with Energy Education.

Current EHT Superintendent Scott McCartney recommended that the board hire Heery because he is “deeply knowledgeable” about the district’s buildings. And, said McCartney, “there’s no real risk involved,” because Heery’s salary will be paid for through the energy savings resulting from Energy Education’s assessments and all of Heery’s liaising.

Nothing like spending your savings before you’ve saved anything.

Sorry, but I find it impossible to believe that no one currently employed by the district — not the superintendent, not either of the two assistant superintendents, not the business administrator or the assistant business administrator, not the supervisor of federal and state grants, not the senior systems engineer, not anyone — has the requisite “deep knowledge” of the district’s buildings and the time to do a little liaising.

At the very least, if the position really is necessary, the district could have hired some, poor unemployed guy in the township to liaise with the energy company.