This isn't so much a post from me, as it is a post from my friend Dave, today's guest blogger. Or is that ghost blogger?

Like me, Dave is a big fan of Gardner's Basin. I was up there Friday, on a morning bike ride, and there was actually a line of people waiting for breakfast at Gilchrist's. A line! That's great news. Dave was up there the next day, and also saw a nice crowd. But he had a question: Why are there no signs in Atlantic City - zip, zero, none, as far as I know - directing visitors to Gardner's Basin? There are certainly none at the end of the Boardwalk, where the continuation of a bike ride over to Gardner's Basin is a natural. There are none on Atlantic or Pacific avenues. Folks, this is nuts. Signs are cheap and easy. And, for the record, I first noted this lack of signs to Gardner's Basin in an editorial in The Press - in 1999. (And people tell me all the time how "powerful" the news media are. Hah!)

Dave's next point was about Garden Pier. He thinks the center part at the end is a natural spot for an outdoor bar/café with a giant TV screen. He sees it being a lot like the The Piazza at Schmidts in the Northern Liberties neighborhood in Philly. The Piazza has a 40-foot Daktoniks HD LED screen, and, he says, when the Phillies are playing, the place is packed.

Sounds like a cool idea for Garden Pier to me.

And thanks, Dave.