The flap over Gov. Chris "Watch Me Humiliate and Threaten My Constituents on YouTube" Christie wasn't all that substantive. I don't think it really matters where the governor is. He can govern without being here.

But the whole thing was fun - a chance to bully the bully, to poke fun and make mischief about a guy who deserves it.

However," target= "_blank">in a blog post over the weekend, the Star-Ledger's Paul Mulshine took it all to a new level. And what he posted deserves far more attention than it's getting. Check it out. The upshot: Christie appears to have lied.

Here's part of what Mulshine posted on New Year's Day:

I  just got off the phone with former Acting Governor Steve Sweeney.

I asked the Senate president about the governor's statement at a press conference in Freehold Thursday to the effect that he and Christie had been in contact during the time Christie spent at Disney World:

"Senator Sweeney and I consulted on all of the significant decisions that needed to be made during the period of my time out of the state," Christie said at the press conference. "We never once disagreed on what needed to be done."

The reason they didn't disagree, Sweeney told me, is that they never spoke.

"I never spoke to him the entire time," Sweeney told me. "He and I never spoke until he got back."

Hmmm ...





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