How pissed is state Senate President Stephen Sweeney? Well, he has called Gov. Chris Christie “a rotten prick.”

That’s pissed.

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In a remarkable interview with Tom Moran of The Star-Ledger, a furious Sweeney — irate over Christie’s cuts to the budget and how the whole deal went down — also calls the governor a “rotten bastard” and a “punk.” You have to read this.

I’ve been told that Sweeney and Christie are actually buds and even go out eating and drinking together. Supposedly, the apparent animosity between them is all a show — kind of like professional wrestling. In this corner, Chris “The Bully” Christie”! And in this corner, Steve “Ironworker” Sweeney!

So it’s possible Sweeney was just trying to shore things up with his base by going off on Christie.

But “rotten prick” goes well beyond the usual political theater. He might actually be that pissed. Which means Trenton just got a whole lot more interesting.



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