4:45 p.m. - "Look at the foam," a Fox 29 reporter just exclaimed 

LIVE from the South Carolina beach in Atlantic City, which at the moment just looks like a mildly rough storm surf. Where do they find these guys? Have they ever seen an ocean before? Indeed look at the foam.  

12:46 p.m. - All of a sudden, heavy rain in Somers Point and the wind picking up big time

10 a.m. - As of a few minutes ago, Somers Point Ice on New York Avenue was still open and selling ice like you can't believe. They said they would be there until the ice ran out. (I once mentioned to one of the folks there that it must really suck for them when the power goes off and the ice melts. The guy looked at me like I was nuts: "We'll just make more. It's only water." Duh ... note to self: In next life consider the ice business.)